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6-in. d○isplay screens.●The future is ●cloud"Mobile ◆AI must be dr〓iven by both on-d◆evice AI and c■loud AI," sai●d Yu. "That is th●e focus of Huawe〓i's AI strategy i〓n the cons◆umer business."I◆n China, the major ■players in AI ●developmen○t are known● as, BAT (Baidu ●Inc, Alibaba G●roup and Tenc●ent Holdings),〓 while Huaw○ei will be○come a maj

or AI● developer in the n◆ation with i●ts Mate 10.Huawe◆i believes tha●t they can generate ■substantial re●venues by selling AI■-enabled smartphone◆s, along wit●h its cloud. ●AI can pla

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y■er a bigger○ roleAddit○ionally, Kiri●n 970 chipse■ts are owned and o●perated by Huaw〓ei’s subsidi○ary, HiSilicon de●sign business.A●I R&D Lab"We◆'re at the th〓reshold of an ex●citing new era,◆" Richard Yu ■told China Da●ily. "Huawei 〓is comm

itted to turn○ing smart dev■ices into int●elligent devices by◆ building e◆nd-to-end capabil●ities that supp○ort

coordinated dev●elopment of chips, d■evices and the● cloud."One of Huawe○i's prominent ◆R&D centers● is the Noah◆'

conomic Ne●t quotes Roger ●Sheng, seni●or analyst at■ research fi●rm Gartner● Inc.Apple is 〓considered ●

, ◆but Huawei● is beginning to cat●ch up with them○.Huawei stands poise〓d to win big wi●th the AI-enab◆le

o■nsumers willing to◆ spend more money fo■r devices that bri●ng much mor■e added-value in● performance lev

necessarily ●reflect the op●inions of P●anview or CCTV.◆com. ) Pl■ease scan the QR● Code to foll◆ow

us on Insta○gramPlease scan◆ the QR Code to ●follow us o〓n WechatChina's H●uawei to help Bulga●ria become EU l■eader in IT services〓: officialChin●a's Huawei to help● Bulgaria bec●ome EU leader in● IT servic●es: officialChina's● Huawei to help

om.C●hallenging bi■gger rivals"Mak

Bu◆lgaria become EU■ leader in 〓IT services: offici●al05-17-2017 06:55 B●JTChina's teleco〓m giant Huawei woul■d help Bul

in■g AI computati◆on faster ○and more eff

gari○a to become a l●eader in I■T services in t●he European Union (E●U), said Guo Ping, 〓the company●'s rotating an◆d acting CEO said on〓 Tuesday.Next● year

icient ●will give Huawei a●n edge, if it can
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